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Product details of WADFOW F CLAMP 50X200MM To 120X1000MM (SOLD PER PIECE) Suitable for Woodworking Metalworking Bar Clamp WHT

  • WADFOW F CLAMP 120X300MM 120X800MM 120X1000MM [SOLD PER PIECE] F-Bar Clamp With Metal Ratcheting System And Quick Release Suitable For A Wide Range Of Woodworking And Metalworking Sliding Arm Bar Clamp 100% ORIGINAL / AUTHENTIC
  • ►50x150MM
  • ►50x200MM
  • ►50x250MM
  • ►120X300MM
  • ►120X500MM
  • ►120X800MM
  • ►120X1000MM
  • ►80x300MM WCP2181
  • ►Mode: WCP2151 WCP2152 WCP2153 WCP2121 WCP2123 WCP2124 WCP2125 WCP2181
  • ►Sizes: 50x150MM 50x200MM 50x250MM 120X300MM 120X500MM 120X800MM 120X1000MM 80X300MM
  • ►Nickel Plated Ruler
  • ►Zine Plated Thread Bar
  • ►Handle Style: Plastic
  • ►Drop forged arm provides minimal flex under heavy work loads
  • ►Suitable for a wide range of woodworking & DIY projects
  • ►The parallel clamp allows for 90°clamping at up to 1000 lbs of pressure which minimizes the warping and distortion of the work piece
  • ►Simply lifting the handle and sliding smoothly, more labor-saving, preventing your workpieces from slipping out of place during the bonding and fixing process
  • ►This steel jaw bar clamp and metal spring clamps are suitable for all kinds of woodworking, home decoration or industrial production. Such as panel gluing, drawers, cabinets, frames or any other items that require strong pressure to be applied vertically or evenly, until adhesive dried or fasteners have been installed