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WADFOW 14" Inch Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc Wheel Chopsaw Chop Saw Blade Abrasive Cutting Wheel Disc Precise Cutting of Metal Steel WAC1314 | 100% ORIGINAL / AUTHENTIC 

►Model: WAC1314
►Max: 4,400r/min 80m/s
►Size: 355mm x 2.5x25.4mm / 14" Inch x 3/32" Inch x 1" Inch
►Disc Outer Diameter: 355 mm
►Disc thickness: 3mm
►Rim diameter: 25.4 mm
►Disc Type: Cut-off
►Shape: Flat Centre
►Purpose: Cutting Disc for Metal

►14" x 3/32" x 1" chop saw cut-off wheels are ideal for cutting all ferrous metal, iron, steel, tube, pipe, and light gauge material like drywall studs, etc.
►The cut-off wheels are manufactured using aluminum oxide material which has a grainy texture that is good enough to cut metals with ultimate precision and perfection.
►Designed to meet industrial standards, our cut-off wheels are recommended to be used with stationary saws, low horsepower saws, portable saws, and electric chop saws that are made for 14” sized wheels.
►Efficient chop saw blades are used in various industries like automotive, transportation, mining, shipbuilding, construction, welding, foundries, fabrication, etc.