MITUTOYO Bore Gauge ( 50-150mm, 0,01mm )

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This is a short range application Bore Gauge Set that automatically self-centres via a centring bridge and offers you the following benefits: It reduces the influence of heat from the operator's hand by 50% by making the grip hollow structured, thereby retaining high accuracy measurement.

Interchangeable washers (0,5 mm thick) are supplied as standard accessories, so you can enable setting in small steps. Contact points are carbide (>18 mm range), giving you high durability and wear resistance.

Inch-Metric: Metric

Range: 50 - 150 mm

Graduation: 0.01 mm

Stroke of contact point: 1.6 mm

Accuracy: 2 µm Accuracy: 2 µm

Repeatability: 0,5 µm

Number of anvils: 11

Measuring depth: 150 mm

No. Dial Indicator: 2046AB

Delivered: Including box, dial indicator, plastic cover for indicator

Digital/Analog: Analog

Mass: 420 g